Sample Language for a Gift in a Will

Confidential Statement of Planned Gift

Gift Publicity Consent Form

Thank you for your interest in including the West Virginia University Foundation in your estate plan. To make a gift in a will, it is helpful to answer “who”, “what”, and “what for.” The following language may be used to answer these questions:

  1. You should identify “who” with this language:
    "I give to the West Virginia University Foundation, Inc. (FEIN 55-6017181), a non-profit, charitable educational corporation in Morgantown, West Virginia..."
  2. You can describe “what” you want to give with this language:
    a) the sum of $________; or
    b) ___ percent of my estate; or
    c) all the rest, remainder and residue of my estate, including property over which I shall have power of appointment at my passing, after all debts, taxes, expenses and other bequests have been satisfied...;
  3. Finally, you should describe what you want your gift to be for:
    a) to foster and promote the growth, progress and general welfare of West Virginia University (or a WVU college / school / program); or,
    b) to establish a permanent endowment fund to be known as the “Fund,” to benefit (WVU or a college/school/program), for the purpose of ________; or,
    c) to establish a non-endowed fund to benefit West Virginia University (or a WVU college/school/program) for the purpose of ________.

We would appreciate it if you would contact us to inform us of the provisions in your estate plan. Contact: Matthew Clark, Director of Planned Giving, WVU Foundation at 304-284-4033 or Thank you again for your consideration of the West Virginia University Foundation.