Former Interim President Magrath Remembers WVU With Gift

C. Peter Magrath

C. Peter Magrath

C. Peter Magrath served in a critical role for WVU, providing stability and direction during a significant period of transition from 2008 to 2009.

Though he spent just one year as interim president in Morgantown, he left with an overall admiration for WVU and the citizens of West Virginia.

A greatly respected leader in higher education circles across the country, Magrath’s legacy will continue to live on at WVU with a gift of nearly $1 million in his estate plan.

“I was asked to come to (WVU) because the place was hurting,” Magrath says. “I spent one magical year here. I fell in love with this place.

“The people make the place. I’m not going to say that every single West Virginian is a wonderful person, but I’d say 98 percent are. The people are kind here, they’re good people.”

Magrath’s estate plan names the WVU Foundation as a beneficiary of his individual retirement account in the amount of $877,000. The gift agreement calls for the donation to be used for scholarships to support future graduate students at WVU.

“I’m sending it ahead for a really good cause,” Magrath says. “This University is important for people and I’m really happy to do it.

“I’m stipulating that the money goes for graduate students who have needs—students who are qualified and good, but don’t have the resources. These men and women will have struggled and have challenges. They’re obviously good people and I want them to be helped.”

Viewed as a leading advocate for public universities embracing the concept of outreach and community engagement, Magrath’s personal accolades are prolific. Along with his interim president tenure at West Virginia University, Magrath has led other major public universities, including Binghamton University in New York (twice), University of Minnesota, and the University of Missouri System.

He also served as interim president at University of Nebraska and served as senior presidential advisor to The College Board.

“I think there’s no greater cause than investing in education,” Magrath says. “That’s what makes people think and hopefully serve others, helping improve the world. And, God knows, the world can stand improvement.”

Make Your Mark on WVU

Follow the lead of C. Peter Magrath and remember WVU by including a gift to the WVU Foundation in your estate plan. Contact Matthew Clark at 304-284-4033 or to learn how your future support can change the lives of students.